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Shaker Platform Configurator
Maximize Your Efficiency
Eppendorf Shakers offer the perfect platform for your accessories - compact and efficient.
1. Shaker Selection
Select your desired shaker. Use the arrows buttons to navigate or touch-and-swipe on a tablet. Click on the product image to enlarge. Follow the 'All product details' link to find more information in our eShop.
2. Platform Selection
Select your desired platform. The drop-down menu lists all available universal and dedicated platforms for your selected shaker. Since dedicated platforms come with pre-installed accessories, Step 3 and 4 (accessories selections and placements) get omitted in this case.
3. Accessories Selection

Add accessories to a universal platform by clicking on 'Add Accessory'. Accessories such as static shelf, culture drawer, or photosynthetic light bank may limit flask sizes due to height limitation.

4. Recommended Accessories Placement

Your selected accessories from Step 3 are automagically arranged in real-time for the best possible fit to be found within a limited time frame. In case some accessories exceed the available space, the process searches the best trade-off for maximal area coverage by prioritizing larger accessories. Click the platform to toggle between a photographic or abstract visualization. Results may vary based on customer setups and accessory choice.

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Platform update

Create a PDF with your chosen accessories and placement or email the configuration to yourself or others.


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