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New CryoCubeTM Freezers

The new CryoCube F570 and FC660 provide true reliability and energy efficiency in ultra‐low temperature freezers. CryoCube upright freezers and CryoCube chest freezers are built with user comfort in mind.

The CryoCube F570h and FC660h further improve energy efficiency. They combines all the power‐saving technology of the F570 and FC660 with additional vacuum insulated panels.

Complete cold‐storage solution

CryoCubeTM Ultra‐low Temperature Freezers combine maximum sample security with increased energy efficiency. New advancements and technologies decrease power consumption. Noise reduction means a more comfortable laboratory, and a more ergonomic handle make CryoCubeTM freezers easier to use. Eppendorf quality means years of trouble free operation, trusted sample security, and excellent energy efficiency.

When you buy an Eppendorf freezer, you get true peace of mind. So relax – your samples are safe with us.

Superior features:

  • New automatic vent port on front door improves energy consumption and uniformity while providing easier access.
  • New ergonomic handle requires less force and improves freezer access.
  • Magnetic closures on inner doors further increase ease‐of‐use.
  • New low‐noise fan and compressor for quieter operation.
  • New high‐efficiency fan, compressor, and condenser.
  • Additional vacuum insulated panels on the CryoCube F570h and FC660h further improve on energy efficiency.

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