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Eppendorf ULT Laboratory Freezers achieve energy efficiency through a variety of means: highly‐efficient compressors, condensers, and fans, specialized refrigerants, vacuum insulation panels, and multiple insulated inner doors. Our freezers operate at peak energy savings.

The Eco-Logical ChoiceTM

Many equipment manufacturers and customers alike have recently put an emphasis on energy efficiency. At Eppendorf, this has been a prime concern for years. Because ULT freezers are virtually never turned off, and compared to other lab systems can draw a high amount of energy to maintain the very low temperatures required for sample preservation, we've made energy efficiency a top priority.

Did you know:

  • Eppendorf ULT freezers outperform all competitors for energy savings, based on competitive data and our internal tests as of this posting.
  • Our ULT freezers are among the most energy efficient ones in the industry.
  • Hydrocarbon-based refrigerants - dramatically reducing energy usage - was first applied by Eppendorf.
    (This option is currently not available in the U.S.).
  • We offer 4 freezer lines - all energy efficient and for maximum energy savings.

  • For complete performance specs by freezer model, click here.

Optimal energy savings

Eppendorf ULT laboratory freezers are among the most energy‐efficient and eco‐friendly freezers available. They reduce energy consumption by thousands of kilowatt hours when compared to comparable competitor models.

The net effect of using an Eppendorf freezer instead of a competitor model: A 10 metric ton reduction of CO2 emissions on average, over the life of the freezer. That is an average savings of up to 40% in annual energy costs.

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