November 2020 − Dossier

After the Crisis Comes



Time and again, throughout the course of history, humans have found themselves facing the abyss. ...


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 November 2020 − Inspiring Science

Research in Space


During their mission, astronauts are on their own. ...


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 November 2020 − Science in the City



Boston, the capital of the New England state of Massachusetts, on the East Coast of the United States of America, charms visitors – not only with its mix of brick buildings and skyscrapers. ...


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 November 2020 − News

And Then There Were Fewer  …


A well-known fact: insects play a critical role in food networks and ecosystems.


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 November 2020 − Bright Minds

Musical Beats

For a Healthy Heart


Elaine Chew, mathematician and pianist, explores the impact of Chopin, Bach and Berger on circulation and blood pressure. ...


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 November 2020 − Dossier

Legendary Lakes


They hold a fascinating secret and they are the sources of myths and poetry: lakes which, based on their unusual origins or scientific phenomena, are unique on Earth. ...


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 November 2020 −Exploring Life

Viruses: Better Than Their Reputation


Image correction: if you say virus, people think of disease, transmission, pandemic; but microbes can do so much more, ...


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 November 2020 − Bright Minds

The Secrets of Eternal Ice


With the help of satellite images, Angelika Humbert studies the ice sheets of the Arctic and Antarctica. ...


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 November 2020 − Eppendorf News

Moving Closer to the Goal


Environmental concerns continue to gain in importance during manufacturing as well as the use of laboratory consumables. ...


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 November 2020 − Eppendorf  News

Mr. Move It


Engineer Tobias David and his team have invented anew the most revolutionary pipette on the market, from the ground up. ...


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