May 2020 − Dossier

Right or Wrong?


In times of unlimited options, we must decide – a thousand times a day. Our approach is not always entirely rational. ...


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 May 2020 − Inspiring Science



There are approximately 65,000 known tree species worldwide, and some of them have made quite a name for themselves. ...


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 Mai 2020 − Science in the City



Hamburg, in Germany’s north, is famous not only for the Reeperbahn, its port and the Jungfernstieg, its magnificent boulevard, but also for the landmark Speicherstadt, a heritage warehouse district from the 19th century. ...


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 May 2020 − News

Unsurpassed …


Meet the King of the Sprint: the cheetah. In as little as three seconds, it can reach a speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour and thus accelerate almost faster than a Porsche.   ...


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 May 2020 − News

Goodbye Hereditary Disease?


Despite ongoing ethical discussions, the genome editing system CRISPR has long been accepted practice in international research. ...


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 May 2020 − Lab Lifestyle

“Global Warming Sucks!”


I am standing in the spotlight of a science slam and saying in clear words – away from science – what I feel as a climate scientist.   ...


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 May 2020 −Exploring Life

Differently Sick


When women suffer a heart attack, it often goes unrecognized. ...


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 May 2020 − Bright Minds

Science in Your Ear


Whether it is comedy, culture or a personality show – many, mostly young, listeners love podcasts. ...


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 May 2020 − Eppendorf News

What Counts in Science?


Eppendorf talked to leading scientists to learn about the challenges they face in their daily laboratory work – and how they ensure the integrity of their results. ...


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 May 2020 − Eppendorf  News

Optimized App


The Eppendorf app uses the latest technology to become even more user-friendly: it has now become even easier to find and compare products and to virtually place them in your lab thanks to the improved AR function. ...


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