© iStockNovember 2021 − Dossier

A Flourishing Life


Nature provides us with health and happiness; it has been hailed as a teacher and healer for millennia by peoples all over world. ...


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 November 2021 − Inspiring Science

Giants with Explosive Powers


Volcanoes exist all over the world, and since even inactive volcanoes may once again choose to breathe fire, their continued scientific study is crucial. ...


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© iStockNovember 2021 − Science in the City

Moscow Underground


Saint Basil’s Cathedral with its baroque onion-shaped spires; treasures from the tsarist era and the Novodevichy Convent: Russia’s capital is replete with sights – even below ground. ...


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© iStockNovember 2021 − News

Good Plastic


In terms of environmental protection, doing without plastic is by far the most effective course of action. ...


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© iStockNovember 202 − News

Living longer


It is a well-known fact that humans are living ever longer – however, our maximum life span could be even longer than it presently is.  ...


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© iStockNovember 2021 − Inspiring Science

Lost Excellence?


Women continue to be in the minority when it comes to senior positions in science and research. Why is this? ...


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© Chris Frazer SmithNovember 2021 −  Bright Minds

Rethinking Work


In order to understand our essence and our very nature, as well as our relationship with work, anthropologist James Suzman has returned to the origins of humankind.  ...


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© iStockNovember 2021 − Exploring Life

The Right Nose


Dogs possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors. ...


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© Eppendorf SENovember 2021 − Eppendorf News

Happy Birthday,



60 years ago, Eppendorf launched the world‘s first industrially manufactured piston-stroke pipette, changing laboratory work forever.. ...


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© Eppendorf SE / FreepikNovember 2021 − Eppendorf  News

Those Certain Extras


Have you ever asked yourself what all the things are that Eppendorf offers you? ...


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