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In terms of environmental protection, doing without plastic is by far the most effective course of action. At the same time, however, science is pursuing a further approach: developing a plastic that is as environmentally friendly as possible! In this vein, material scientist Ting Xu and her team at the University of California, Berkeley, have developed a plastic that is compostable. This is made possible by embedded enzyme particles which, when exposed to heat and water, will degrade the plastic almost entirely down to its components. The team published these promising results in the journal “Nature”.  Eppendorf is also working intensively on the possibility of using biodegradable plastics in its laboratory consumables. However, it has not yet been possible to create a material that retains its properties for the typical shelf life of a laboratory consumable. Global research on compostable plastics is promising, but the material properties of such developments are unfortunately not yet suitable for use in consumable products for the demanding work in the laboratory and thus for the specific needs of researchers.

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