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November 2021  − Research Careers

A Dangerous Game of Hide-and-Seek


It is a race against time: more and more bacteria are developing resistance to antibiotics. How do they do that? Molecular biologist Tanmay Bharat of Oxford University was able to uncover some of their mechanisms.  ...


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May 2021  − Research Careers

Thirsty – Lights On!


For his PhD, American scientist Christopher Zimmerman studied how neuronal structures influence the behavior of drinking. His findings have since made their way into scientific textbooks.  ...


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November 2020  − Research Careers

When Cells Learn to Talk


The young Switzerland-based biotechnologist Randall Platt develops tools for genetic research. His method is the first to allow the efficient manipulation of entire gene networks. And, by the way, his lab teaches cells to record their biographies.  ...


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May 2020  − Research Careers

The Power of Touch


With her research, Lauren Orefice wants to contribute to the improvement of treatments for autism disorders. The young neurobiologist aims to uncover the influence that the sense of touch has on those affected.  ...


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November 2019  − Research Careers



Vienna-based molecular biologist Georg Winter intends to eliminate cancer-causing proteins on the spot. To this end, he pursues a novel approach to “waste disposal” in the human body.  ...


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April 2019  − Research Careers

On Patrol with the Immune System


At EPFL® in Lausanne, Switzerland, German immunologist Andrea Ablasser is looking for answers to the question of how the body’s own immune cells recognize pathogens and how, if necessary, these immune cells eliminate them. She is very close to achieving her goal. ...


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October 2018  − Research Careers

Understanding the Inner GPS


Our heads host what is probably the most mysterious and complicated structure in the universe. Anyone who sets out to understand and really decode it must do so with an extra dose of passion. Who could possibly be more destined for the study of the brain than an Italian?


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April 2018  − Research Careers

Race Against the Virus


Pardis Sabeti, passionate fighter for global health, considers infectious diseases such as malaria, cholera or Lassa fever

the greatest scourge of mankind. The sequencing of the Ebola virus in West Africa earned her the Time Magazine title of “Person of the Year” as one of the Ebola Figthers, and named one of Time’s “100 Most Influential People”.


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October 2017  − Research Careers

Brain Research in the Third Dimension


Madeline Lancaster, cell biologist at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, has developed a technique allowing her to create mini brains from cell cultures. These incredible organoids, no larger than the eraser at the end of a pencil, serve as a model for Madeline’s research into early human brain development and are enabling Madeline and her team to tackle the age-old question: what is it that distinguishes us as humans?


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October 2016 − Research Careers

Tim Gilberger


Cell Biologist Tim Gilberger’s research focus measures only a few micrometers, yet these micrometers set the stage for a drama taken straight from Greek mythology: war, ambush, deception, death. And occasionally: sex. ...


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April 2017 − Research Careers

Can Cellular Stress Cure Cancer?


The Spanish cancer researcher Óscar Fernández-Capetillo is in the business of tracking damage in the human DNA. His work is propelled forward by an insatiable drive for understanding. And once he did understand, he really turned up the stress, “replication stress”. An overdose of this, the biochemist found out, drives cancer cells to suicide...


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