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November 2020 − Inside Eppendorf



Engineer Tobias David and his team have invented anew the most revolutionary pipette on the market, from the ground up. Join us on his exclusive backstage tour of the new Move It®.


Eppendorf´s new autoclavable adjustable tip spacing multichannel pipette Move It® is now on the market. Movable tip cones enable simultaneous transfer of multiple samples between different vessel formats, which, in turn, allows routine tasks to be completed up to 70 percent faster than with single channel pipettes. “We continually check in with our customers to see what can be improved. Rapidly increasing sample throughput, which our customers often manage under immense time pressure, prompted us to respond with the appropriate product development.”

Putting the project into practice, however, proved to be an enormous challenge, as the technology of the few devices hither-

to available on the market were based on a tubing system that connected cones and pistons.  “This technology harbors the risk of leakage at the junctions, which is in direct conflict with our high standards regarding precision and accuracy. Furthermore, tubing technology does not allow autoclaving – a process that is crucial for the protection of samples and operators. For these reasons, I had to go back to the drawing board and come up with an entirely new pipette design. It was my vision to build this product to the high quality standards that our customers have come to expect of us – which included ensuring the familiar performance and safety that distinguish Eppendorf pipettes.“

The best solution was the direct connection between pistons and cones without the use of tubing. “The technical solution to moving the cones, however, proved to be tricky and caused us sleepless nights. Exclusive, highly precise parts were required, and at the same time the product needed to remain affordable. Finally, thanks to the close collaboration with our customers and our suppliers, the project turned out to be a success.  At the end of the day, it is safe to say that we have reinvented the adjustable tip spacing pipette from the ground up, thereby creating an entirely new instrument, with the usual quality, at an extremely attractive price. This, of course, makes us feel good.“


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