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How Eppendorf once again meets the needs of the user in the laboratory by introducing a new tube format and thereby changes the world of the classic “Conical Tubes”.


Many customers have asked us whether Eppendorf has a solution for storage, centrifugation and preparation of sample volumes between 15 and 25 milliliters. This volume range indeed presents a gap in the lineup of conical tubes. Classic conical tubes come in the 15 and 50 milliliter formats, and they are among the most commonly used plastic consumables in laboratories worldwide. Users must decide whether to continue processing a sample between 15 and 25 milliliters in volume using several 15 milliliter tubes or whether to choose a 50 milliliter tube, which is clearly too large for the volume at hand.


We have listened to our customers

We were happy to take on the challenge of developing a suitable tube format, and we were successful – not least due to our long-standing experience of almost 60 years in the development of laboratory vessels. The result: two variants of conical tubes for volumes of up to 25 milliliters.

Throughout this process, it was not only important to bring another tube of a different volume to market – we intended to optimize tube handling and, most of all, provide our customers with the option of integrating this new tube format seamlessly into the environment of existing laboratory instruments.


We care about the detail

Both new 25 milliliter tubes have the same diameter as a 50 milliliter conical tube, while being 20 percent shorter. One tube features the characteristic Eppendorf screw cap with flattened and grooved sides which prevent the lid from rolling off the laboratory bench. The second variant represents a true innovation that offers the clear advantage of single-handed secure opening and closing. This SnapTec™ cap, newly developed and patented by Eppendorf, offers a wide range of options, just like the screw cap lid, a reliable seal at temperatures ranging between

-86 and 100 degrees Celsius. Both variants of the Eppendorf Conical Tubes 25 mL can be safely centrifuged at up to 17,000 g* and – another true innovation – the Conical Tube 25 mL by Eppendorf with SnapTec™ cap can even be autoclaved for 20 minutes at 121 degrees Celsius.

The wide opening of the considerably shorter tube permits working with small-volume pipetting systems. The sample at the bottom of the tube is always within reach, without running the risk of the pipette cone touching the inner wall of the tube – a frequent source of contamination.


Single-handed operation for swift and efficient work

The SnapTec™ cap of the Eppendorf Conical Tube 25 mL can be opened and closed with one hand, similar to the well-known Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes. In this way, protocols which require frequent opening and closing of the tube can be processed more efficiently. Since the lid is connected to the tube – which means that it does not have to be put down, as is the case for screw cap lids – the contamination risk is also largely avoided.

Like all Eppendorf Tubes®, tips and plates, the new Eppendorf Conical Tubes 25 mL are manufactured from pure polypropylene (PP) of the highest quality; no biocides, plasticizers or latex, nor lubricants, are used during the manufacturing process. Both variants are available in the purity grades Eppendorf Quality, PCR clean and Sterile/pyrogen-free*/DNase-/RNase-/human and bacterial DNA-free*.


* The suffix/wording "-free" in the context of purity grades means that the test showed conformity within the detection limits.







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