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November 2021 − Eppendorf News


Have you ever asked yourself what all the things are that Eppendorf offers you? Of course – lots of great laboratory products. But your experience within the Eppendorf world goes far beyond that.


For all of us in Science” is the motto of the new Eppendorf campaign. Eppendorf respects and appreciates all its customers, independent of their gender or the color of their skin, or whether they work in the laboratory or in an office. Whether they are huge fans of our pipettes, or whether they are more interested in our latest digital solutions – for example, the VisioNize® Lab Suite. We are all unified in science – each with our own personality and with different needs when it comes to the Eppendorf experience. In order for you to find your way around and easily obtain what you need for your specific laboratory routine, we have compiled the following information:


Did you know …

… that you can register your products simply and effortlessly online? Did you know about the epPoints® bonus program? Or that we provide a whole lot of helpful information and entertaining literature, such as Application Notes, White Papers and scientific articles, which are ready for you to download?


At www.eppendorf.com/customer-loyalty, you now have the opportunity to discover the custom benefits of the Eppendorf world that are available to you.

By the way: those who register their products and share with us why they are the proud owner of an Eppendorf product will have a chance to win an engraved pipette for their own laboratory. Jenny, for example, told us: “I first came across a pipette during a school field trip to the University of Bremen. After holding this pipette in my hand for the first time, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the laboratory. I have now nearly completed the second year of my schooling as a biological laboratory assistant, and I am very close to fulfilling my dream.”



Personality test: do you recognize yourself in one of the personalities below?

With our online test (on the right), you will quickly and easily find out which laboratory type you are. Curious? You can take a peek below right now and see what your result could be.


Research Maniac

You are proactive, and you need access to all relevant information now. Being able to touch an instrument and test its functionalities helps you with your decision-making. Your job is demanding; the rest should be as easy and straightforward as possible.


Scientist on the Rise

You are a digital native, and you are not afraid of new media. You navigate the digital world, and you love to see content that is perfect for you, and which provides you with tips and tricks for your new job in the laboratory.


Pipetting Ninja

Your laboratory is your playground. Nobody is faster or more accurate than you when it comes to pipetting. It is important to keep up with the latest laboratory trends in order for you to be able to continually improve.


Admin Hero

Quickly and efficiently – this is the way you like to work. Your laboratory space must be organized to perfection, and you never miss a calibration date. Naturally, cost efficiency is one major factor when you order new instruments for the lab. You strive to get the most out of everything.



 For the full test and more on the new Eppendorf “For All of Us in Science” campaign, visit:



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